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Apr 18, 2006


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Canadian Headhunter

I liked the way your posting highlighted an issue of relevance to me.

I would say that one email is permission marketing. More than one is not unless it is specifically requested.

But I also believe that PM is ideal and it's often unrealistic to limit yourself to it.

As a recruiter, if I have a large relevant database of names and I can't call everyone, I will do an email blast out to people i don't know letting them know about an interesting position in their field.

They can act on it for themselves or pass it on to someone else or it simply keeps them aware of what is happening in their professional environment. That's valuable info.

You might say that my email is semi-PM because it is a targetted market but, still, not many recipients have put up their hands.

Only a few ask to be deleted from my list. My main problem is wondering if many of my emails are marked as spam.

Eugenio La Mesa

In Italy it is against the Privacy law.
You must have the consent to send email newsletters.
The only exception are current customers.

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