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May 23, 2007


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JT Gillett

Excellent tips!

Every aspect of landing page design should focus on the action you want visitors to take...Create an easy path to your offer, reduce unnecessary elements and eye candy...Make sure headlines and subheads make it easy for visitors to skim your page and quickly learn how to get to the offer.

Business Education

As you mention above, Usability research shows over half of your site visitors will NOT scroll “below the fold.”

I know many people don't to scroll down the page. however it is depend how interesting the heading really are. If visitor feel necessary to read more they will scroll down the page.

Many marketing guru I know use very long sales copy and they can succeed to make visitor to scroll down the page.

To make page load quickly also can use css instead of table.

Kevin Garber

A great summary, thanks.

We work with our clients on many landing pages.

One thing that often gets neglected is the "thank you" page after forms have been completed.

This is a *very* strong page. Your recipients have entered details and submitted - you have them engaged, don't waste the opportunity.

I am amazed at how many people just put "Thank you for your information it has been received." What a waste! Upsell, cross-sell, push people to other web pages.

I agree that auto populating helps a lot, and is quite easy to do with a decent ems and / or scripts.

Kevin Garber - Melon Media


Tamara: I totally agree with you. The thank-you page shouldn't just say "thank you" but it should offer more items that the prospect/customer might want. They are in the perfect mood right then to learn more about you, so they may click on links for white papers or other offers. Eg. when they downloaded a white paper, offer them a link to a product demo or to a webinar on the same topic. When they just bought a digital camera, offer some accessories like memory cards etc. According to Anne Holland, 39% of all visitors to one of the MarketingSherpa thank-you pages had taken advantage of another offer on that thank-you page...

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