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Jan 22, 2008


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Email Direct Marketing

Has anyone else tried the open source pommo.org system?

I have been using it on a few sites and one campaign in particular resulted in almost 90% response.

I have nothing to do with pommo.org and it is free, just wondered if anyone else has had any success.


Tamara Gielen

Hi Robin,

Those are very valid comments. Thanks for sharing!

Robin Houghton

Thanks Tamara. Although as per one of the comments on this piece at econsultancy, I do think that putting 'go for the larger companies' as the first point is contentious. It depends very much who your clients are. Mine are all small businesses (with small lists) and it took me a while to find an ESP who was interested in providing a decent service to this sector of the market. (What they say they do and what they actually do are often quite different!) We have used Sign-up.To for some years now and they have done a better job on service, deliverability and reliability than much larger providers.

The other point about 'don't be afraid to go for a US company' can also be a problem. As a UK company serving mainly UK clients with mainly UK customers, we have had issues with US ESPs' unwillingness to consider the anti-spam legislation of any country other than the US. It's also important to us that clients' data is housed on UK servers.

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