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Feb 05, 2008


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Tamara Gielen

Thanks for sharing DJ. Keep up the good work and spread the email love! :)

DJ Waldow

Tamara -

Thanks for the write-up. Your comments on the A.M. News are right on point. In fact, the sections you like are sections we like (and all intentional). In other words:

--Simple and Short: Our clients do not spend their entire day (like we do) thinking about email marketing. Therefore, it is critical that what we send to the point and easily digestible.
--From Name: Kimberly Snyder (Bronto Account Manager) and I know our customers as we speak with them on a regular basis. It only makes sense that the email comes directly from us. From Name is our [First Name|Last Name] and From Address are our individual Bronto accounts.
--Handpicked Content: Yes! Every week, Kimberly and I sit down and discuss the week's most relevant subjects to share with our clients.
--Frequency/Consistency: Every other Tuesday at 10:30AM EST is very much planned. Bronto clients receive other emails (Periodic Webcast Announcement, Monthly Bronto News...) and can read the 3-4 weekly blog posts at blog.bronto.com. The goal is to set proper expectations and manage them accordingly.
--Success: I've always believed that success is all relative; it depends on how you choose to measure it. We average over 50% open rate, have click-through rates that hover around 20%, and - most importantly - use the A.M. News as a conversation starter for our client calls. That is what I call success.

Thanks again for featuring our newsletter (we love it too!).

dj at bronto

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