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Mar 17, 2008


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Online Mktg Mgr

Simms Jenkins has a new book out, The Truth About Email Marketing -- check it out at www.ftpress.com/title/0789737949...

Michael E. Williams

Hey guys. I love your blog--one of my favorites. One thing that you didn't mention, and it may sound silly to many people, is that all email marketers should make sure their contact information (Business Name, Address and Telephone Number) is on every email! One sure fire way to get sent to the trash bin is to not include this information.

I mention this because I was recently spammed repeatedly by a Los Angeles area internet headhunter named Josh Stomel (going under the name of Neohire.com). Most of his emails never even included a phone number or an address! When he finally did include a phone number, it traced back to a small rental house in the San Fernando Valley--not a business address!! Shady!! Check out my recent post on this subject: http://tinyurl.com/4tr4lr


I am looking at e-mail marketing this morning. I already came across another post of yours, which also had good information on this subject. So I guess this would be a non comment, comment :)

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