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Apr 28, 2008


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Tamara Gielen

That's exactly the reason why I posted this article in the first place. I want to raise awareness around this topic - if I can get the conversation started about this, then my mission is accomplished. The industry is doing its best to educate marketers on why they should obtain permission before emailing people, but unless you have a law that enforces this, we can preach all we want... there will always be companies that don't care about segmentation and permission as long as they see the dollars coming in. And unfortunately the majority of the emailers belong in this group.

Anon Insider

Good luck convincing the DMA of this. They're adamently against stronger permission practices. This is why so many email newbies unintentially become spammers and make us all look bad. You can follow the law and still become a blacklisted spammer. That's a sign of a crap law.

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