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Jun 18, 2008


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Robert Barclay

Actually I'm afraid that the results would not really be usefully extrapolable (is that a word?) beyond the subset of your list who you recorded opens for. The simple reason for this is that it is at least in large part your email client and its abilities which determine whether or not images are retrieved so this technology and opens both give you insight into the same subset of your list.
Still an interesting piece of data, and potentially helpful when working on the design of an email.


WOW... this is amazing! This is exactly what i've been looking for...

Thanks for posting this.

Tamara Gielen

Hi SAM, it uses an image to track email clients, so if images are not downloaded the client isn't tracked. However, if you have an open rate of let's say 30% you can extrapolate that information to the rest of your list. It's not perfect, but IMHO it's still a BIG improvement over having no information at all.


Looks like they use "opens" to determine the email clients? If so, then these results would be severely flawed if you wanted to know the profile of your list. It will only show you the profile of your HTML opens. And that explains why the iPhone gets more coverage than Hotmail!

Still a cool app, but must be sure to use it in the correct context.



Tamara Gielen

Thanks Paul!

Paul Farnell

Thanks very much for the review Tamara!

Regarding the Thunderbird results, it was me that spoke with Steffen earlier today. We've actually re-created Tamara's statistics, with our updated algorithm.

If you check the results again, you'll see there is 5% penetration of Thunderbird overall on her list:


I was wondering about Thunderbird as well, so after registering with them I was contacted by a very helpful and nice guy from Fingerprintapp and I asked him about TB. He told me they implemented Thunderbird tracking after Tamara's test (she was using it before official launch). They say it can track Thunderbird now as well, even the version.
I wonder how they do this...


Martin van den Berg

Very interesting indeed.
In the Excel with test restults there's no listing for Thunderbird. So at least my reading wasn't counted. Perhaps because it uses the img-tag?

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