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Sep 24, 2008


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Kath Pay

Totally agree Chadrack...thanks for letting us know your preference. I believe RSS has a good, strong user base - it's really a case of more people are reading blogs now than before - so as you say, offering both options is a good way to cater for all desires/habits.
I also wonder how many people, like Daniel who do both RSS and email? Cheers!


I quite agree with you on the changing trend. Personally I prefer subscribing to RSS through email. However, because there are a lot of other content users who goes for feed readers offering both options is still important.

Kath Pay

Wow!...very impressive. I think that what you say about recieving essential blogs via email is true.

I'm generally so busy (aren't we all!) that things can escape me unless they jump out at me (i.e in my inbox)....and of course yes - all readers of this blog love email!


hiya, Kath, how are you?

I have a 4-pronged system for reading blogs I've subscribed to:

1. iGoogle through RSS for a quick check on the blogs I like
2. RSS bookmarks in Firefox for the blogs I need to keep a vague eye on throughout the day
3. Google Reader for the vast majority, which I batch read once a day.
4. Email for blogs so essential I want to keep them to hand (in my inbox)

I think that's a nice distinction too: RSS feeds feel a bit more transitory; Emails you can keep, forward, etc.

Course - it also depends on your readership. An 'email marketing' blog is likely to have email readers, as they're thoroughly bought into email itself.


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