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Feb 27, 2009


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This was a helpful article. Can anyone recommend a reputable company to use for email list rental? There are so many shady ones on the Internet, it's difficult to determine who is legitimate. Thanks.

Vanessa | purchase email lists

It is true that you need to be sure that you purchase email lists from a reputable source, I don't agree that they are all bad. As long as the list has been sold only 1-3 times, the leads are still fresh and responsive. These contacts can still be very valuable, especially while building a more targeted email list of your own.

Morgan Jones

If you have a product base company and want to send information about your product, email marketing is the best solution to target audience, to send an email you need to purchase email lists from some top email lists provider companies. So i don't think purchasing email lists is bad idea. It helps you to introduce your product, business to targeted audience.

Ken Pfeiffer

You are 100% correct. Nice post. We had a client who did a list purchase and snuck it past ask us why their click rate was 0.3%. Need I say more...

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