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Apr 25, 2009


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John Caldwell

All good points, Tamara, but what's left out is that the reason that many "transactional" emails are outside control of "marketing" is that they are "system" sent.

Several reasons that system-sent messages are a bad idea may be found in a recent post here --> http://redpillemail.com/blog/2009/why-system-transactional-emails-are-a-bad-idea.html

It's also good to identify the different types of "transactional" messages - those transactional message where money changes hands v. those that include, say, Welcome messages, and have each type on their own IP address.

A Welcome stream can deploy from the same IPs as other promotional messages, while those where money changes hands should be on their own IP address, or share an address with post-transactional messaging - commonly refered to as "service" messages for paid services/subscriptions. Not being able to deliver reciepts for purchase opens a company up to increased charge-backs as does not being able to deliver paid services/subscriptions.

This is just scratching the surface and the details are enough to warrant their own chapter.

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