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Mar 27, 2013


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Michael Zipursky

Steve - yes, it's a great way to keep in touch with clients and prospects.

Chuck - glad you liked it, thanks for the kind words.

Sean - my pleasure :)

David - thanks David.

Email marketing

Can completely trust on your stat that more than phone we are using our smartphone for browsing, opening mail etc. Email marketing future is related to how many people actually saw your mail and now with use of smart phone more and more people are opening mail now.

Steve Klinghoffer

What's great about email marketing is that it helps to keep your brand top of mind. Even if every email isn't opened, people are still seeing the brand name when they look at their new mail in the inbox.


Great post, lot of great content, and the charts make it much easier to understand the topic. I feel that trend is very important, and you must consider it greatly when coming up with a winning strategy!

Sean Beardmore

Thanks for writing this, your 100% right that email marketing is here to stay and will be for a long time.

Key goals for successful marketing as you say is visualisation, (I use video email, viewable on mobile) and building a strong relationship with the recipient is absolutely key.

Mobile/Smartphones will be the main source for viewing emails for sure.

David Smith

Email Marketing is the best to compare any other online marketing and I agree that email marketing are heavily based on technology advances. Yes, we have to design email marketing campaign for mobile devices like iOS and Android. The number "79% of people use their smartphone for reading email" is very impressive. Number of companies providing business email lists that includes b2b and b2c email lists, which we can use email marketing campaign's.

Nice article Mike!

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