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11 Email Marketing Trends for 2005

by Loren McDonald -- Email marketing arrived in 2004. Despite the huge attention and real issue of over bloated inboxes due to increased volume of spam, no marketer could ignore the value and importance of email in their overall marketing program. What's in store for 2005? Following are 11 trends EmailLabs has identified for 2005 - read the full article for the detail behind the trends listed below:    

1. The Email Marketing Manager Role Emerges as a Full-Time Position    
2. Email Delivery Divide: The Haves and Have Nots    
3. Increased Integration with Corporate Databases and Other Applications    
4. Use of Advanced Email Technology Features Grows Rapidly    
5. Design Takes on Greater Importance    
6. Marketers View Email in Larger Context Than Just Marketing    
7. Resource Constraints Fuel Demand for Consulting Services    
8. Companies Continue Shift from Software to Hosted Model    
9. Only Spammers Will Spam  
10. Marketers Place Greater Emphasis on List Quality  
11. Marketers Cede Control to Customers; Focus on Building Trust and Lifetime Value

Source: EmailLabs

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