11 Email Marketing Trends for 2005

Checklist - 25 Questions Before You Send your Email Campaign

This checklist begins with an outline of the things you need to think about as you create your campaign. Next you will find the 25 questions you should answer before you press that send button on your campaign (8 of these questions address the Can Spam Law, in particular). Get ready to put your email campaign to the test!

  1. Define Your Goals
  2. Define Your Audience
  3. Define Your Message
  4. Define Your Vehicle
  5. Define Your Delivery Timing

Next, you'll need to answer the following questions concerning:

  • Permission
  • Your From and Subject Lines
  • Your Email Copy
  • Critical Details
  • Can Spam Compliance

When you can answer "yes" to these questions, you are ready to hit the send button and maximize your success.

Download "Checklist - 25 Questions Before You Send" now.

Source: Constant Contact

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