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Is Your Email Strategy an Integrated Part of Your Customer Strategy?

Success means rethinking your email marketing approach by designing it in the context of a customer-based business strategy. According to Becky Carroll, Senior Consultant at Peppers & Rogers Group, there are four steps to high impact email marketing:    

  • THINK customer experience    
  • MAKE privacy protection a part of your brand promise    
  • ENSURE recipients know you    
  • MEASURE consumer impact

In the archived webcast "The New Rules of Email Marketing - Strategies for Success in a Changing Climate", Becky shares insights on how to ensure effective e-mail marketing efforts that intelligently build the customer relationship.


  • Combining customer relationship strategies with email marketing best practices
  • Incorporating the "Four Steps to High Impact Email Marketing"
  • Learning from case studies on best-in-class email marketing approaches

View the webcast here.

Do you prefer reading a white paper over watching a webcast? Then download the white paper "The Four Steps to High Impact E-mail Marketing".

Source: RightNow Technologies

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