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Use E-Mail to Enhance Lead Generation and Sales

Properly implemented, e-mail can be a cost-effective way to boost lead-generation and sales efforts. Jeanne Jennings developed these 10 questions to check if her clients use e-mail as an effective part of lead-generation and sales programs:    

1. Do you use Web analytics to understand how people navigate your site?    
2. Is there a mechanism for people to provide e-mail addresses and get more information above the fold on your home page?    
3. Is there a similar mechanism on every page of your site?    
4. Do you ask only for the information you need?    
5. Do you use the online form to qualify prospects?    
6. Do prospects dictate the terms of your relationship?    
7. Is e-mail a secondary contact when you're unable to reach a prospect via phone?    
8. Do you use an automated sequence of e-mail messages to educate prospects about your products or services?    
9. Do you publish at least one e-mail newsletter to keep your brand top of mind with prospects?  
10. Do you have a comprehensive, consistent strategy for using e-mail in your lead-generation or sales process?

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