The First 48 Hours Are Critical
Average Email Read Time is 15-20 Seconds

Writing Successful Subject Lines

If you can't get your prospect to open an email, that great copy or offer inside will never matter.

Still, the subject line's importance is often overlooked. SubscriberMail states that in their experience with clients, it's common to find them agonizing over the offer, the creative and landing page. Yet, too often it is the pivotal subject line that is written or chosen just minutes before mailing.

Fact is, your subject line deserves as much attention as any other component in your email campaign.

Creating a successful subject line is critical in a world filled with marketers competing for attention. Without a good one, even the best offer from the most trusted brand can be deleted in one quick click.

Source: SubscriberMail (February Newsletter)

Tips on how to write successful subject lines:

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