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Landing Pages are Critical to the Success of your Campaign

What is a landing page?
A landing page is the page where customers/prospects get to after having clicked on a link in the e-mail that you have sent them.

Why are they important?
Landing pages are an essential component of your email campaign: they help you convert visitors into leads/buyers. Poor landing pages, however, can often compromise great targeting and creative.

For each campaign you should create a custom landing page on your web site that makes it easy for email recipients to complete your desired action.

These are the items that should be included:

  • main graphical element that is used in the email campaign
  • compelling headline
  • opening paragraph
  • compelling benefit driven bullets
  • a closing paragraph
  • lead capture form

Always keep in mind that, on average, web visitors spend just 8-seconds scanning a website landing page before they decide to leave. This means that you should focus on what is it that you want your visitor to do on your landing page: click that button to order the product / download the white paper / view the demo / register for the event.

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