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Webseminar: Why Authentication and Reputation matter

On March 22nd, Return Path is hosting a web seminar called "Two Steps to Solving the Email Delivery Crisis: Authentication & Reputation".

This seminar will include:

  • How different authentication standards work and what you need to do to authenticate your outbound email
  • Ways to combine authentication, reputation and accreditation to solve problems caused by spammers
  • Information on protecting yourself from spam filters, blacklists, unknown user rates and complaint issues
  • Specific ways to guard your reputation in the email world
  • How to fix the areas of programs that most typically hinder a company's email reputation

I will certainly attend this seminar. For those of you that are interested in attending as well, here are the details:

Two Steps to Solving the Email Delivery Crisis: Authentication & Reputation
March 22nd at 2pm Eastern Time (8pm CET, 7pm GMT)
Sign up here

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