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Why You Should Send Every Email Twice

Add A Marketing Message To Your Transactional Emails

If you interact with your audience through the online medium then chances are that you already use triggered messages in the form of transactional notifications such as a welcome message, a thank you email, or a purchase confirmation email. It is well understood by most online marketers that these welcome and purchase confirmation messages have very high open rates (sometimes over 70%) and while there is no stated or unstated stipulation that these messages have to be free of marketing messages, they are generally just plain transactional messages.

So always consider placing a marketing message and a call to action in your transactional notification. For example, a purchase confirmation could include offers for complementary products or services, a thank you message could also promote your "refer-a-friend and earn additional rewards" program. A little planning will help you determine which marketing message and which call to action to include.

Source: Bluestreak's "BlueNotes" newsletter.

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