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Does Your Opt-In Process Scare People Away?

The March issue of SubscriberMail featured an article about opt-in techniques. In this article they ask the question "Does your opt-in process scare people away?"

Think about it: how much information do you really need to know NOW to move forward? In their opinion, the less data you need to initiate a response, the better. So be economical.

Ask yourself the question: do you really need a physical address and postal code? This can usually be relegated to a second page, after sign-up has been accomplished up front, via email submission.

When you do create questions, make them relevant to both your audience and your offerings. One of the most common mistakes they see is organizations making their opt-in pages marketing research projects. Only ask questions you have a use for in your segmentation strategy.

They also mention that the "tiered" opt-in process - that is, setting it up over multiple pages, or multiple emails-makes so much sense.

For example...

1. Lead with just an email address solicitation on the home page
2. That leads the user to the next page...for basic information
3. Further segmentation as necessary

The benefit: you gain your reader's trust, and you reduce his or her anxiety and fear

Another tip they give is this one: make sure your opt-in page showcases high-quality graphics and clean design. Doing so adds credibility, elevates reader comfort level, and smoothes the way for continued communication

Source: SubscriberMail - March Issue

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