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New Developments in Email Marketing [Report By eMarketer]

eMarketer issued a new report that examines the new developments in e-mail marketing and compares the effectiveness of this still-evolving marketing tool with other direct marketing channels.

Key questions the "E-Mail Marketing" report addresses:

  • Can e-mail be used for customer acquisition, or is it merely a retention tool?
  • Are spam and phishing killing e-mail marketing?
  • How do permission-based in-house lists and better-targeted e-mails go hand in hand?
  • Is there a best content, best day, best time and best frequency for marketing e-mails?
  • Which elements should marketers test in their e-mail campaigns?
  • How can e-mail metrics be used to increase effectiveness?
  • And many more!

Here are some quotes:

"For legitimate marketers, the growth in email volume may be best dealt with by better-targeted emails, by giving the recipient a choice in email frequency, and by delivering messages that truly persuade the individual to open and read it.  And at the heart of targeting is a good list."

"Among the respondents, 26 percent use multiple opt-in procedures when signing up recipients, which helps prevent false or misspelled addresses. In addition, to further create a list of willing recipients, 20 percent notify them and ask for reconfirmation."

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