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Ten Core Tactics to Improve Email Marketing Campaign Effectiveness and Efficiency [Webcast]

I'd like to draw your attention to a webcast called "Vital Marketing: Improving Campaign Effectiveness & Efficiency" which I attended last Tuesday. In this webcast, David Daniels from JupiterResearch covered ten core tactics to improve email marketing campaign effectiveness and efficiency.

If you have 60 minutes of spare time, I suggest you watch the archived version. It is followed by a demo of RightNow Technologies' Marketing Solution which I found really impressive!

Webcast overview:

Navigating today's complex marketing waters can be a challenge.

Managing campaigns from idea to execution?
Leveraging departmental and historical data?
Coordinating online and offline initiatives?
Tracking and measuring program impact?

According to JupiterResearch, developing new targeting tactics was second only to e-mail delivery issues when marketers were asked about their top concerns in the coming 12 months.

How do you overcome these challenges?

Listen to David Daniels, Research Director, JupiterResearch, in this complimentary webcast. You will learn to drive results and shorter campaign cycles as David presents best practices resulting from the latest research on vital marketing components such as:

  • Incorporating customer intelligence

  • Coordinating multi-channel campaigns

  • Taking a lifecycle approach to marketing

Click here to view the archived version of the webcast

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