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Unsubscribing Is Perceived As More Of a Hassle Than Just Deleting Email

A recent Return Path consumer study found that nearly 70% of people reported that they delete unread "interesting" e-mail. Worse yet, many people can just click their ISP's this-is-spam button. So don't think that everyone on your list still wants your e-mail just because you have low unsubscribe rates.

In today's issue of BtoB's E-Mail Marketer Insight the following question is answered by Stephanie Miller, VP-strategic services at Return Path: "What can I do to re-engage inactive subscribers on my e-mail list?".

In her answer she explains how to improve customer response and interactivity by paying attention to your inactive rate. Her tips include pulling these inactives into a separate database, looking for clues in the data to find out more about these inactives, developing other content choices, testing new subject lines and incentives, changing "from" addresses and targetting campaigns specifically to this segment.

Read the full story here.

I wonder if anyone has experience with this in a B2B environment?

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