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Effective E-mail Marketing: Tactics to Improve Campaign Performance

Mark your calendar for yet another interesting web seminar on July 13, 2005. This time it's hosted by Jupiter Webinars and it's called "Effective E-mail Marketing: Tactics to Improve Campaign Performance".

Marketers using testing and other sophisticated tactics such as segmentation, personalization and message frequency techniques are almost twice as likely to attain conversion rates of more than three percent, compared with marketers that do not. But a recent JupiterResearch study shows that most e-mail marketers fail to use these tactics and testing strategies on a regular basis. In this Webinar, Research Director David Daniels examines the direct correlations that exists between performance and campaign targeting and timing.

Attend this Webinar and learn:

  • The impact e-mail testing has on marketing results

  • The extent that segmentation increases response rates

  • The effect frequency has on open and response rates

  • How marketers can increase their campaigns' effectiveness

Register here.

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