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How important is email privacy to your business? A new email privacy survey conducted by Relemail reveals it may be far more important than you expected. The survey presents some startling statistics about how email subscribers view privacy.

In this survey, Relemail takes a closer look at these statistics and reveals what it means for you and your organization.

Here's a short summary:

  • 96 percent of email subscribers view email privacy as important to them: 19 out of every 20 visitors do care about your policy on email privacy

  • 83 percent of internet users have avoided subscribing to email newsletters because they weren't sure the organization would protect their email address: when people see evidence of reinforced email privacy practices, they are far more likely to subscribe

  • 72 percent of internet users would be more likely to subscribe if the newsletter's email privacy practices were certified

  • 87 percent of email subscribers have received spam that they believe resulted from a company selling their email address out the back door

  • When a company self-claims to respect end user email privacy and not sell their email addresses, a whopping 78 percent of internet users don't believe the claim

  • 91 percent of end users are more likely to give their business to an organization that follows ethical email practices and respects their privacy

In all, what we're seeing with the Relemail survey is that the importance of email privacy is higher than it has ever been in the online community. We're seeing that internet users are skeptical of the privacy claims of companies, and that they will avoid subscribing to email newsletters if they don't trust that company, or if they have some reason to suspect that their email privacy won't be observed. We also see that people are far more likely to subscribe when privacy practices have been independently certified, and once they do subscribe they are far more likely to give that organization more business, because they trust that organization and they're happy to do business with an organization that acts ethically.

Read the full article here: "Email privacy now a top concern for 19 out of 20 internet users".

The author of this article, Mike Adams, is the founder of Relemail. He created it out of frustration in seeing the email community fail to come up with realistic anti-spam solutions even after years of negotiation and bickering among the top ISPs.

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