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Upcoming Email Marketing Web Seminars

I would like to draw your attention to a couple of upcoming web seminars that are taking place in the next few weeks:

Advanced Email and Database Marketing - May 17, 2005
Live Web Seminar featuring Dylan Boyd, Vice President of Strategy for eROI, Inc.
Learn about ways to better target your online and offline lists with campaigns that will bring them back and drive the conversion rates you desire.  More information
All registrants will receive a free copy of the Corvent Web Seminar Metrics Guide.

Ten Ways to Grow Your Email List in the Spam Age - June 7, 2005
Live Web Seminar featuring Stephanie Miller, Vice President of Strategic Services for Return Path
Learn about 10 proven methods to grow your email list using both paid and organic practices. This session will address both B2C and B2B marketing challenges. More information

The Evolution of Email - June 8, 2005
Live Web Seminar featuring Jordan Ayan, CEO for SubscriberMail and Stephanie A. Miller, Vice President, Strategic Services for Return Path
Learn proven best practices for getting your email to the inbox, getting opened and getting a response. More information
All Webinar attendees will receive a FREE copy of the book "Sign Me Up! A marketer's guide to creating email newsletters that build relationships and boost sales", written by Return Path executives.

Get More from Email: Boost Registration with Smart EM Strategies - March 4, 2005
Archived Web Seminar
You'll learn about the most common mistakes made when utilizing e-mail, the five elements that should be included in every e-mail marketing push and response metrics for BtoB e-mail marketing. More information

A special thanks to Mark Brownlow who pointed me to these web seminars in his email marketing blog "No Man Is An Iland".

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