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eMarketing Excellence summits

The Business Marketing Association and e-mail software provider ExactTarget announced will be hosting an educational series called eMarketing Excellence summits, which will be held in 18 cities throughout the U.S. Aimed at educating consumer and b-to-b marketers on how to use permission-based e-mail, the summits will be offered in cities including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis and New York. Sponsors include FirstReef, Hot Banana, and WebTrends.

What You'll Learn:

Success Stories:

  • How B-to-C marketers use permission email to drive sales, build customer relationships, and create brand advocates.
  • How B-to-B marketers use permission email to convert leads faster, generate repeat purchases and support their direct sales force.
  • How agencies help clients maximize marketing ROI by using permission email to continue the ?customer conversation? begun by brand marketing communications.

Best Practices:

  • What you absolutely must know about email deliverability to make certain your email gets delivered, plus key metrics you need to monitor email deliverability.
  • How to integrate email with other customer facing applications such as call center and web site to execute event-triggered email communications that quickly respond to customer needs.
  • How companies use Dynamic Personalization to create customized email with content tailored to the needs, preferences and profile of individual recipients.

Innovative Solutions.

  • See how companies that sell through multiple business units and channels use ExactTarget's 'Enterprise Solution' to deliver relevant offers and information to customers on behalf of local agents and dealers.
  • How to use ExactTarget in partnership with for dramatically improved sales force productivity and customer relationship management.
  • How to automate event triggered email communication by integrating ExactTarget with content management, offer optimization and customer analytics applications.
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