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Data Is The Main Factor Holding Back B2B And B2C Email Marketers

Inbox/Outbox 2005 event - London, 22-23 June, 2005

I thought you might be interested to know about an event called "Inbox/Outbox 2005" which takes place in London on June 22-23, 2005: It's a new event about every aspect of inbound and outbound email.

It will feature an education-rich format comprising Keynote Sessions from industry experts, focused seminar streams on key themes, central exhibition / networking Area, an industry debate on 'Legitimate Email Marketing' on Day One and a special workshop from BlackBerry & O2 on Day Two.

The seminar programme (repeated on both days) will include valuable information on:

  • Compliance, Legal & Business Issues
  • Security & Privacy
  • Storage & Infrastructure Issues
  • Wireless eMail & Remote Working
  • eMarketing & Customer Management

Seminar sessions will present all of the key issues in non-technical language, explaining the high level of crossover between the different areas of email management and the inevitable 'knock-on' effect of decisions in each area.

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