Don't Assume That Switching Vendors Equals Better Deliverability
Email Authentication

Avoid Spammy Gimmicks

The July issue of Silverpop's newsletter "The Digital Marketer" featured an article called "Eight Easy Ways to Boost Email Deliverability".

One of the tips is this one:

Avoid spammy gimmicks
: your email shouldn’t resemble a bad Las Vegas lounge act. Spam filters seek patterns and irregularities often found in spam, so resist the temptation to spice up messages with all-caps, big fonts, weird punctuation, exclamation points, repeated phrases, or common advertising come-ons such as “free!” or “limited time offer!”.

It’s also a good idea to screen your messages with a spam filter such as SpamAssassin to flag any potential content problems before you send. The other seven ways ways to boost email deliverability are these:

  • Never send commercial email to people who haven’t consented to receive it
  • Practice good list hygiene
  • Don’t ignore ISPs
  • Keep volume low
  • Protect your corporate IP address
  • Implement authentication protocols
  • Consider an Email Service Provider

Read the full article here.

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