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How Annoyed Are People About Spam?

Here are some "fun facts" taken from the Yahoo! Anti-Spam Resource Center:

  • 77 percent of Yahoo! Mail poll respondents said they are more aggravated by weeding through spam than they are by cleaning a dirty toilet.
  • Spam is already considered more annoying than junk postal mail and door-to-door salespeople, and it is quickly becoming as annoying as telemarketing calls.  Most annoying forms of spam are as follows:
    1. Telemarketing calls
    2. Spam e-mail
    3. Door-to-door salespeople
    4. Junk postal mail
  • Three-quarters of e-mail users think spammers should be punished, with the majority favoring stiff fines as the ideal punishment , while 8 percent think spammers should do jail time.
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