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The ROI of Email Relevance [web seminar]

I want to draw your attention to another interesting web seminar that is scheduled for August 17, 2005 called "The ROI of Email Relevance: Improving Campaign Results Through Targeting".

Few marketers rank relevance as a top-three e-mail marketing goal, even though it drives 60 percent of consumers who make immediate e-mail purchases.

According to a recent JupiterResearch study, tactics that improve relevance, such as life cycle marketing, behavioral targeting and triggering, deliver substantially higher improvements in revenue and net profits than do broadcast mailings.

Join Research Director David Daniels as he examines how targeting tactics outperform broadcast mailings, boost revenue and net profit improvements.

Representatives from Responsys, premier provider of on-demand email and lifecycle campaign management solutions, and Coremetrics, leading provider of hosted Web analytics and precision marketing solutions, will highlight how customers such as PETCO, Intrawest, and Wells Fargo have improved email marketing ROI by leveraging web site behavior and click-stream data to target and time email communications.

Attend this Webcast and learn:

  • What spurs consumers to purchase from e-mail?
  • How will the adoption of increasingly relevant targeting tactics impact the e-mail marketing industry?
  • Which types of targeting tactics and e-mail campaigns drive the greatest improvements in revenue and net profit?
  • Has the ability to efficiently use Web site clickstream data as a targeting attribute finally arrived?
  • Which lessons can be learned from early adopters of advanced targeting tactics?

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