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TRUSTe launches e-mail privacy seal

Here's an interesting piece of information:

TRUSTe announced Tuesday that it has launched an e-mail privacy seal program that will allow certified e-mail senders to display a TRUSTe approval seal that reads "We don’t spam." The expectation is that the e-mail marketing industry will adopt the program as part of an overall effort to combat spam.

According to Matt Blumberg, president and CEO of Return Path "it's a logical next step in the evolution of the struggle that's going on between good and evil. Solid permission-based policies and practices are critical to both e-mail deliverability and e-mail acquisition improvements."

Certification will require a continued examination of seal holders' e-mail practices. TRUSTe will use a proprietary list seeding system and a consumer complaint mechanism to flag investigation.

The certification process insures legitimate e-mail senders follow best practices. Question remains how TRUSTe will address "We Don't Spam" seal forgeries by unauthorized e-mail senders.

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