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JupiterResearch Finds Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns Can Generate Nine Times More Revenue Than Broadcast Mailings

JupiterResearch released a new report entitled, "The ROI of Email Relevance: Improving Campaign Results Through Targeting," which quantifies the top and bottom line impact that targeted marketing tactics can have on email campaign performance. According to the report, using Web analytics to target email campaigns can produce nine times the revenues and eighteen times the profits of broadcast mailings.

"Spam and the cluttered inbox have not killed the email medium for marketers," said David Daniels, research director at JupiterResearch. "With a clear messaging strategy that is built off of a lifecycle relationship driven approach, there is still tremendous value that can be derived from email," added Daniels.

To date, however, few marketers are sending highly contextually targeted email campaigns; most are utilizing broadcast and basic personalization tactics that do little to make these marketing messages highly relevant. According to Daniels, "the failure of CRM systems to centralize all customer insights haunts email marketing and in many respects relegates it to a second class medium. Because the lack of integrated customer data is the top challenge for large marketers, these data deficiencies bind many of them to relatively simplistic targeting tactics."

The JupiterResearch report also addresses the following emerging trends and tactics that marketers should begin to incorporate to their practices:

  • When asked about promotional email's influence on their purchasing decisions, 60% of consumers who made immediate purchases from email did so because the email contained products they were already considering, underscoring the need to catch the customer at the right time with the correct offer.
  • Adopting a lifecycle approach requires additional up-front work and ongoing creative development, but these repeatable campaigns can be set up once and then largely leveraged with little or no impact on staffing.
  • Marketers must be realistic in setting performance goals because many targeted campaigns (e.g., life cycle, clickstream) require not only data integration, but also the appropriate amount of data for a meaningful segment of customers.
  • The proliferation of integrated email marketing and Web analytics tools will drive Web analytics growth and fuel ESP (Email Service Provider) consolidation.

The complete findings of this report are immediately available to JupiterResearch clients online.

Source: JupiterMedia

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