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E-mail technology company Return Path this week unveiled its latest deliverability study. The good news is overall deliverability improved slightly (albeit only 1%) since the last study, six months ago. However, with more than one out of five e-mails still getting bumped to the spam folder-or even worse, not getting delivered at all-there's still plenty of work to be done, said George Bilbrey, Return Path's GM-delivery assurance solutions.

"While we know that b-to-c mailers are having more of a problem, deliverability is still a significant problem for b-to-b marketers, too."

Bilbrey pointed to four major reasons that e-mails don't get through, along with simple fixes.

Reason No.1: You're sending too much mail.
Reason No.2: You haven't checked your list lately.
Reason No.3: Your infrastructure isn't set up right.
Reason No.4: Your content looks like spam.

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Source: BtoBOnline

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