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iMedia Connection is featuring a series of articles on "Marketing and the 2005 Holiday Season". One of the articles is wrtten by Silverpop CEO Bill Nussey: The Secret to Holiday Email Marketing.  According to Nussey the secret to holiday email marketing is to give preferences, for which you shall receive conversions.

"A solid, robust preference center program can help drive sales and expand brand value. Preferences aren't only important during the holidays, but it's particularly during this joyous-yet-stressful season that caring for your customers translates to increased enthusiasm for and loyalty to your brand.

Preferences allow you to personalize communications for the specific needs of your customers. They are the ultimate way to steer your campaign from appearing only to benefit you, the sender, toward helping the recipient see the importance and relevance of the campaign."

Read the full article and find out which are the elements that make up the perfect preference page.

Source: iMedia Connection

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