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DoubleClick's Sixth Annual Consumer Email Study

DoubleClick Email Solutions today released the results of its sixth annual Consumer Email Study. Here are some highlights from their press release:

  • According to the data, fifty-seven percent of respondents view their work email at work during the day at least occasionally, while almost as many view work emails from home in the evening (55%) and on weekends (54%). In addition, forty eight percent of respondents check their personal emails at least occasionally at work during the day, with twenty-one percent doing so all the time.
  • Almost half of all respondents report owning at least three email accounts. While ninety-five percent consider one of their addresses to be their primary account, almost three quarters of respondents (72%) use a single address for making online purchases.
  • Of particular interest is the value that consumers place on free email addresses, which have been maintained for an average of six years, probably due to their accessibility from home, work or the road.
  • While spam is still an issue that concerns a large number of consumers (55% are very concerned), viruses (75%), identity theft (67%), spyware (66%) and scams (61%) are of greater concern to consumers.
  • Consumers have consistent views of what constitutes spam, most of which match industry definitions, although almost half of respondents also consider permission-based email that comes too frequently or that is no longer relevant as spam.
  • With regards to dealing with spam, almost half of respondents check their bulk mail frequently, usually to confirm that no wanted messages have been incorrectly filtered into their bulk folder. More than forty percent report finding legitimate email in their bulk folders.
  • Seventy-four percent of respondents point to "a brand I know and trust" as the element most likely to drive a response to an email.

The full research is available to DoubleClick customers and an executive summary of the findings are available here.

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