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Predictions For 2006

Here are some more email marketing predictions for 2006 and as Bill McClosky so nicely puts it in this week's issue of Email Insider: "it's that time of the year again".

Indeed it is! :) Everyone in the industry seems to feel the need to predict the future. In this case though, I think Bill McClosky hits the mark. These are his predictions.

  • We are going to see a renaissance in e-mail marketing.

  • It's still too early for RSS. We may see the Year for RSS at some point, but 2006 is not it. 

  • Spam is not going away, but nobody will care -- people will just get used to it and consider it a part of their online universe and move on.

  • E-mail will surpass search in the battle for marketers' hearts and minds.

Read the full article here.

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