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Dynamic E-Mail Messaging: The Four Basic Customization Mechanisms

In a series of articles on Clickz, Derek Harding will look in more detail at what is meant by "dynamic messaging"; what its costs; what the benefits, pitfalls, and advantages are; and where and how to utilize it effectively.

In this article he focusses on the four basic customization mechanisms:

  • Segmentation: Divide the list into segments and send each segment a different message.
  • Variable Substitution: Fields are placed in the message template representing recipient attributes and are substituted for each recipient.
  • Conditional Blocks: A piece of programming code is placed in the message to perform an if-then test. This allows recipient attributes to be used to include or exclude specific content.
  • Content Insertion: A field is placed in the template that is later substituted. Unlike variable substitution, entire sections of content (phrases, paragraphs, etc.) are inserted based on recipient profile. This inserted content may itself contain substitution fields.

Read the full article to find out what the possibilities and limitations of each of these mechanisms are.

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