Evaluate And Optimize Your Email Marketing Programs: Your Annual Email Audit in a Box
Ten Tips for Growing Your E-mail File

Planning To Switch Email Marketing Providers? Read This First.

Some of you might need more advanced features, while others might want to improve their delivery rates. Whatever the reason for wanting to switch email marketing providers (ESP), now or in the future, keep this checklist in mind as you make the transition from your old technology to the new one:

  • Verify IPs.
  • Confirm authentication.
  • Define reporting.
  • Establish benchmarks.
  • Apply unsubscribe and bounce lists.
  • Update your content/forms.
  • Slowly ramp up e-mail.
  • Test before going live.
  • Get your staff on board.
  • Talk to your account executive.
  • Use your ESP's resource center.
  • Attend the ESP's best practices sessions.
  • Sign up for the ESP's newsletters.
The full article explains each of the above points in further detail.

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