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Stock Photography Resources for HTML Email Newsletters

For those of you that are looking for creative photos to use in your email newsletters, here's a list of stock photography resources:

  • Good, quality photos starting from $1 for low resolution versions. Handy "color scheme matcher" tool at the top of the page.
  • Getty Images: A little higher in quality, the photos here are around $50 and up.
  • Very high quality photos at Corbis, but a little more pricey. Photos are around $75-$500+ here. Lots of (rights-managed) current events and celebrity photos here, too.
  • Always a reliable source for creative photos. Nice "brainstorming" section, and free research service. Prices are typical, at $80-$500 and up.
  • This website searches across all the major stock photo resources. They're offering $50 off your first purchase for new customers.
Source: MonkeyBrains

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