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HTML Emails & Lotus Notes: Some Guidelines

Another interesting post on the MailChimp blog, this time they talk about the challenges of making your HTML emails display correctly in Lotus Notes.

They encountered the following issues when designing new email templates:

  • Colspans. Keep your tables simple, and do not use too many colspans. Outlook 2003 and all the browser-based email applications can handle complex and embedded tables pretty decently these days. Lotus Notes doesn't, so you need to separate the header, body, and footer into 3 different tables to eliminate colspans as much as possible.
  • Center alignment. Using <TABLE ALIGN="CENTER"> works great in Lotus Notes 6.5.3. But not at all in Lotus Notes 6.5.4. Sticking <CENTER> tags around the tables doesn't work in 6.5.4 either.
  • Bad math. Lotus Notes takes the width of a table cell very literally, whereas every single other email application out there corrects the mistake. So make sure not to make any mistakes when designing for Lotus Notes.

Read the full post here (includes screenshots of the templates and other useful stuff).

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