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Spam Is Shrinking While Email Marketing Is Growing Modestly

Press release: JupiterResearch forecasts that email marketing spending will grow from $885 million in 2005 to $1.1 billion by 2010, and the volume of spam messages per consumer will decrease by 13% a year during this same period.

According to the new report entitled: "US E-mail Marketing Forecast, 2005 to 2010," the overall growth of the market will be marked by growth in spending on retention, acquisition and transactional email.

Filtering improvements made by Internet service providers are credited with the expected decline in spam. The average active email consumer will see a drop from 3,253 pieces of spam in 2005 to 1,640 pieces of spam in 2010.

"ISPs are wise to improve spam filtering, and ensure that permission emails are not erroneously marked as spam," said David Daniels, Research Director at JupiterResearch and author of the report. "Consumers have a plethora of providers to choose from and will stray from those who do not effectively filter messages," added Daniels.

The JupiterResearch report also finds that email delivery rates have stabilized at an average of approximately 88% and are expected to surpass 90% over the next few years. By 2010, the cost of incorrectly blocked email will drop to $92 million from a high of $107 million in 2006.

"The next five years will see a more organized email marketing arena," said David Schatsky, Senior Vice President of Research at JupiterResearch. "Delivery rates will rise because of marketers' efforts to improve list management practices. And the greater control by ISPs over spam will mean a lot less waste," added Schatsky.

The complete findings of this report are immediately available to JupiterResearch clients here.

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How To Build An Email Program

Melinda Krueger explains in this article how to build an email program. Her advice is to begin with the end in mind and think about what your ideal program should deliver?

This is the approach you should take:

  • Understand audience needs and preferences.
  • Develop content to meet audience needs.
  • Publish your content.
  • Promote your program.
  • Analyze your results.

Read the full article here.

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