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Email Authentication Best Practices for Marketers Abroad (online seminar)

On March 7th, the DMA is hosting an online seminar on the topic of "Email Authentication Best Practices for Marketers Abroad". Attendants will learn to implement effective and inexpensive procedures to improve their e-mail deliverability and response, both in their home country and abroad.

The DMA has developed this focused online seminar to help international marketers ensure a consistently high delivery rate. Working closely with all major Internet Service Providers, campaign management vendors, and consumer software developers,  they have created a clear best-practice procedure to help marketers e-mail effectively and responsibly.

In just one session you'll get clear, easy-to-understand information and advice about:

  • Delivery challenges and solutions for international marketers
  • How different authentication methods work and which will work best for you
  • Ways to combine authentication, reputation and accreditation for highest deliverability
  • How to protect yourself from spam filters, blacklists, unknown user rates, and complaint issues
  • Specific ways to guard your reputation in the e-mail world
  • How to fix mistakes that may be damaging your company's e-mail reputation

Michael Della Penna, CMO, Epsilon & Chair, DMA Council for Responsible Email (CRE)

Registration Fees:
DMA Members: US $149 - Non-Members: US $199

How to register
To register or for more information, go here.

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