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Lyris Q4 2005 ISP Deliverability Report Card

According to Lyris' ISP Deliverability Report Card for Q4 2005, the combined average rate of gross email deliverability of permission-based email marketing messages for U.S. and European ISPs and ESPs rose by 2 percent from a rate of 87 percent in Q3 to 89 percent in Q4, while inbox deliverability rates also increased to a Q4 average of 87 percent.

With gross deliverability rates at 86 percent, deliverability for European providers continues to lag behind their U.S. counterparts with an average gross deliverability rate of 92 percent. However, European providers are improving deliverability more quickly, blocking 3 percent less email in Q4 compared to Q3, as opposed to U.S. providers which have improved deliverability only 1 percent in Q4.

An increase of false positive spam filtering by a single top European Union provider pushed the average for all false positive spam filtering from 1.2 percent to 2.6 percent in Q4.

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