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The Email Deliverability Chain

Another great article by Kirill Popov and Loren McDonald: this time they talk about the different hurdles your email messages have to take to reach the recipient's inbox:

  • The sender
  • E-mail service provider (ESP) or e-mail software
  • Mail transfer agent (MTA)
  • Outbound ISP
  • Edge networks
  • Receiving ISP:
    • ISP reputation system.
    • Authentication codes
    • Internal/external blacklists
    • Internal/external whitelists
    • ISP filters
    • Third-party filters
    • Challenge/response
    • Corporate firewalls and third-party filters
    • Corporate e-mail servers
  • Recipients:
    • E-mail client default settings and filters
    • User settings and filters
    • Third-party anti-spam filter programs
    • Challenge/response
    • "Report spam" button
    • Bulk/spam folders
Read the full article here.

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