Boost Email Lists During Opt-Out
Improving Your Email Relevance and Deliverability (webinar)

The Email Marketing Success Forecast

Jeanniey Mullen suggests to review your email efforts and ask yourself the following questions:

Opt-in environment:

  • How simple is it to access your opt-in environment? Is your subscription link buried on your Web site?
  • How well does the opt-in process explain all the communication types available and establish relevance?
  • Does your opt-in process decrease attrition by providing examples of the content people will receive if they sign up?
  • Is there a place where potential subscribers can see samples or access live versions of prior e-mail content (old newsletter versions, etc.)?
  • Is the registration process labor intensive? (If e-mail isn't one of the first four requested fields, you run the risk of losing up to 50 percent of interested parties.)


Creative and content:

  • Does your subject line advise the e-mail's purpose and the offer?
  • Is the copy format readable under all e-mail circumstance? Does it render well on a mobile device or BlackBerry? Are the text versions actually designed?
  • Is the message visually optimized? For example, are images strategically placed to move the eye toward the call to action?
  • Does the e-mail's layout support the brand? Does it carry a consistent brand message through the entire user flow?

List and usage:

  • Do you have an established cadence that's clearly communicated to the readers (e.g., a monthly newsletter or seasonal update)?
  • Do you have a third-party list rental strategy? For example, are you renting lists your competitors just used? Do your offers under-perform compared to your competitors'?
  • Do your programs have triggers built into them? Meaning, when someone opts in, does she receive a welcome e-mail? When she downloads a white paper, does she get a follow-up e-mail to verify receipt and take advantage of a cross- or up-sell opportunity?


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