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The Importance Of Feedback Loops

In this post ReturnPath's George Bilbrey explains why feedback loops are so important.

What's a feedback loop? Well, it's a system by which the ISP provides the sender a copy of a message that a subscriber has reported as spam - usually by hitting a "report spam" button.

Why are they important? The #1 reason that commercial emailers run into delivery problems is that their complaint rates are too high. This data, when analyzed appropriately, can allow you to figure out where there are pockets of complaints inside of your email program.

The following ISPs have announced or are testing feedback loops:

  • AOL: Currently have feedback loop. Testing Abuse Reporting Format (ARF)
  • Earthlink: Currently beta testing feedback loop in ARF format
  • Excite: Provides periodic list of email addresses of complainters
  • Hotmail: Beta testing ARF feedback loop
  • Outblaze: Currently beta testing feedback loop in ARF format
  • Yahoo: Announced intentions to provide feedback loop this year in ARF

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