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Maximizing Email Acquisition

11 Tips to Make Life Easier for Your Subscribers

Your subscribers have a lot of email competing for their attention in the inbox. In order to stand out among all the clutter, you must make it as easy as possible for them to find and interact with you. EmailLabs provided 11 tips on how to make life easier for your subscribers:

  1. Make it easy to subscribe.
  2. Make it easy to set or update preferences.
  3. Make it easy to find subscription details and management tools.
  4. Make it easy for subscribers to send your email to a friend.
  5. Make it easy to unsubscribe.
  6. Make it easy to recognize your email in the inbox.
  7. Make your email easy to read and to take action – even when images are blocked and/or when subscribers use their preview pane.
  8. Make it easy to view a Web version of your message.
  9. Make your emails printer-friendly or provide a printer-friendly version.
  10. Make it easy to find additional information on your Web site.
  11. Make sure all links work and point to the right pages and that images point to the right files so subscribers don’t have to go hunting for content.

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