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Return Path Launches Sender Score Reputation Monitor

Last week, Return Path launched Sender Score Reputation Monitor, an e-mail reputation management system that is based on calculating a “credit score” for email.

According to Return Path it gives companies a simple, clear reputation score (a “credit score” for email) based on robust data from email receivers and analyzed by Return Path’s proprietary technology. Basically it allows email senders to view their email reputation as receivers do and gives actionable data to improve reputation, delivery rates.

Sender Score Reputation Monitor aggregates 60 data points from more than 50 million email boxes around the internet to quantify a mailer’s reputation, looking at factors such as complaint rates, unknown user rates, security practices, identity stability and unsubscribe functionality. Data comes from several major ISPs and filtering companies, including Mailshell, Cloudmark and Lashback.

For more information, visit the Sender Score website.

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