How Two FTC Actions Affect Email Marketing
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How To Deal With Email Replies

After sending out an email campaign you will receive lots of “reply-to” emails (such as unsubscribe or challenge-response requests, bounces and blocks). These are most generated automatically and go back to your sending address and not your bounce-handling address.

Based on analysis of recent distributions of EmailLabs’ newsletter "Intevation Report", these “reply-to” emails account for less than 2% of the total mailing list, but they can affect list integrity if you don't act on them promptly.

There are six types of email replies:

1. Out-of-office replies
2. Auto-acknowledgements
3. Inactive addresses
4. Challenge-response requests
5. Blocks and bounce reports
6. Feedback, rendering problems and unsubscribe requests

In this article you can read how you should act on them.

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